Elizabeth Engle spent five months traveling South America alone last year. For three of those months, she resided in Buenos Aires, documenting the present underground travel culture. Featuring three narratives, the first volume of UNRSNBLE is a visual journal looking outwards. The stories are tied together with a common thread of uncertainty;  three people leaving their lives behind for the unknown. Her project gives intimate insight into the societal, familial, and self imposed challenges to forge a path that feels aligned. It explores the obstacles accompanied by pursuing a life of meaning. The intention is to provide unique insight into the lives of independent travelers... to not only challenge the stories we are told by others, but the ones we tell ourselves. 


The author

Elizabeth Engle, the creator behind UNRSNBLE has spent the last four years pursuing unconventional travel. A natural portrait photographer and storyteller, she's released two zines since 2015: The Road Provides (2015) and Ghosttown (2016). UNRSNBLE is her first project colliding her storytelling with multi-media expression in both print and digital.

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